Unsere innovative und sichere Messtechnik zur
Wertbestimmung von Edelmetallwerten​


In the beginning, portable spectrometers only served to find out which material it was to prevent confusion . Due to constant further developments and improvements, it is possible to perform, accurate and reliable measurements. The performance of the portable spectrometer equals those from static spectrometers used in laboratories.

Our X-ray fluorescence analysers have been specifically adapted to the dental industry and they use a camera. With the camera the material can be analysed in a targeted manner, no matter how small.

The spectrometer details the precious metal content of solids. We use spectrometers and analyse the metal residues free of charge on site in the presence of our clients. This analysis is used for the physical determination of major and minor trace elements.

The individual elements generate characteristic wavelengths. By measuring them it can precisely determine which elements are present in which concentration in the sample. The measurement takes place with a very high accuracy and is completed in a few seconds.

Our prices are then based on the precise determination of the actual content of gold, silver, platinum and palladium of the dental waste and not based on the approximate average of estimated values.

As a result, we pay the exact price for the fine weight of the precious metals based on the measurement results.

We can examine many different materials no matter how big or small. We can analyse all solid materials.

Your advantages

  • Proven technology regularly checked by TÜV

  • Precision and accuracy

  • Analysis on the spot

  • Transparent and efficient

  • Reliable method of evaluation also used by experts

  • Fast measurement as it only takes a few seconds to determine the content of a sample

In addition to the spectrometer, transparency and absolute reliability are our main tools with which we deliver our promises to our clients.

Our technicians are all radiation protection officers and receive regular training.
Die Geräte werden alle 5 Jahren vom TÜV geprüft und sind  100% sicher und genau.

We only require a small space to carry out the measurements. Even if the material is not cleaned, we can determine which metals are contained. Melting or cleaning beforehand isn’t necessary.

Besides the spectrometer, transparency and dedication are our goals set to ensure client satisfaction.

The use of the portable spectrometer has already revolutionised many areas. Whether recycling, quality departments, pharmaceuticals or special security units, our processes and working methods have fundamentally changed many categories.

More than just dental gold

We fully believe in our method, which is why Spectro Analysis is completely free of charge and non-binding!

Materials that can be analyzed include: crowns (clean and unclean), bridges, brackets, filings, prostheses, nuggets, platelets, jewely fragments, inlays, implants, coins, cast trees, cast pans, galvano gold (solid), screws, pins, welding rods and many more…

Are you unsure or do you have any doubts about the accuracy of our method ? We would be more than happy to measure a control item for you, of which you know the true content.

The collection box

Easy to use and discreet:

  1. Fill the box with dental waste.
  2. When the minimum fill level has been reached, contact us and arrange an appointment for the measurements.
  3. An appointment is agreed upon your convenience and our technician will visit to measure the dental wastes on site.
  4. If you agree with the price offer, the payment is made on the spot.

Request your free collection box today!