metalvalor Deutschland GmbH

located in Saarbrücken

metalvalor S.A.S.

located in Paris

About us


We are specialized in the recycling of precious dental metals for dentists and dental laboratories for over 20 years and are amongst the market leaders in Europe. Our 50 employees offer first class service for more than 11,000 dental clients across Europe and the USA. Metalvalor is a discreet, reliable and trustworthy partner who offers our dental clients an innovative measurement technology and an optimal evaluation method arranged for the sale of their dental waste including gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

Charity " Sternenregen"

Metalvalor collaborates with Radio Salü within the framework of the Saar charity „Sternenregen“ which helps disadvantaged children.
Wenn auch Sie teilnehmen möchten, melden Sie sich einfach bei uns (per Mail, Telefon oder WhatsApp) und wir kümmern uns um alles! (Box-Lieferung / Abholung / Bewertung / Überweisung)

Charity " Red Cross"

Metalvalor collaborates with red cross in Germany, we offer charity box that we collect by dentist, the value of the content is than paid to red cross.

Your advantages

  • Measurement on the spot

  • Precise evaluation of the content of precious metals

  • Innovative measurement technology

  • Potential to maximise sales profit

  • Payment on the spot

  • Serious and experienced employees and certified radiation protection officers

  • No damage to the material during the analysis

  • No time delays, after the analysis payment is made immediately upon agreement

  • The workplace after completion of analysis is left tidy and disinfected

  • The metals that are contained are melted down, forged and reused

History of metalvalor


Foundation of the company in Paris


Opening of a Swiss branch


Creation of METALVALOR GmbH in Saarbrücken


Opening in the Austria and Swiss markets


Expansion of our services to Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark


First visits to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Italy


Change of the work method and considering the start-up of the spectrometer


Expansion of the markets with a larger number of sales representatives


Partnership with Sternenregen and Radio Salü regarding the donation campaign


Celebrating 20 years of metalvalor. A total of 11,000 dentists cooperating regularly with our company


Participation in the Frankfurt trade fair ID DENTAL


Cooperation agreement with the regional association of the German Red Cross

Transparent Measurement of Your Dental Waste An interview with Michel Saphir, Managing Director of the metalvalor Group and Antje Isbaner, ZWP, Issue 5/2015

Mr Saphir, you are the Managing Director of the metalvalor Group in Germany, France and Luxembourg. What benefits do your clients receive from using the service provided by metalvalor?

Our prices are based on the precise amount of precious metals contained in the dental waste, given at our clients site.

What does that mean exactly?

Until now, the gold content was based on an estimate (e.g. 50%, does the material contain maybe 20%, 50% or 70% of gold ?). Our method is that we visit our client and measure in their presence the precise amount of gold content in their dental alloys. If the material contained, as an example 70% of gold then we pay the exact percentage of gold contained in the alloy and not based on an estimated percentage. Most of our competitors who buy locally do not have the desired equipment needed to measure precious metals. Their price is calculated based on an estimate. Due to our technology gold is of better value and is therefore purchased at a price corresponding to its precise content.

How does metalvalor proceed to determine the composition of the alloys at the client’s site?

Our specialist technicians travel to our clients (dentists and dental technicians) equipped with a portable spectrometer. This device allows us to calculate the precise amount of gold and other precious metals contained in alloys within minutes. The analysis procedure is free of charge and upon completion the client then has the option to finalise the sale without obligation.

The prices offered for dental waste vary daily depending on the London fixed prices for precious metals. This allows us to offer our clients the guarantee of a transparent working method that allows them the opportunity to sell their dental waste at the best price possible.