We are your ideal partner for extracting the precious metals contained in your dental waste, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

For almost 20 years, we are recognized in Europe as a serious and reliable partner. We work now with more than 7000 dentists and dental technicians.

This trust is built on the transparency of our method, on our precise measurements and on the reliability of our prices.

Innovation is our driving force: with devices at the cutting edge of technology, we are able to guarantee a highly accurate assessment of the precious metals contained in your dental waste.

Indeed, our technicians visit you, equipped with portable spectrometers enabling the calculation of precious metals contained for payment on site. This calculation is made on the basis of precise measurements, not on an average estimate of the amount of gold contained.

Seamlessly, you follow the real-time operation and can see on the spectrometer screen and on the computer, measurement results that determine the right purchase price.

Simply call to arrange for a friendly member of the metalvalor staff to come by. That’s how simple, reliable and fast the sale of dental gold can be. Impressive!

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