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  • metalvalor Deutschland GmbH based in Saarbrücken
  • metalvalor S.A.S. based in Paris

For almost 20 years we have been specialised in recycling precious metals contained in dental waste and now rank amongst the market leaders in Europe. Our group is composed of 60 permanent employees. In Europe and North America, more than 7,000 dentists and dental technicians have placed their trust in us, recognizing our seriousness and professionalism.

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Transparent measurement of your dental waste

An interview with Michel Saphir, Managing Director of the metalvalor Group and Antje Isbaner, ZWP, Issue 5/2015

Mr Saphir, you are the Managing Director of the metalvalor Group in Germany, France and Luxembourg. Which benefits do your customers receive from working with metalvalor?
Our prices are based on a precise measurement of the precious metals contained in dental waste, made at our customer’s site.

What does this mean exactly?
Until now, the gold content was based on a guessed estimate (e.g. 50%, does the material contain 20% or 70% of gold). We go to our customers and measure in their presence the gold content in dental alloys. If the material contains, for example 70% gold, we pay these for these 70%, not for an average % based on an estimate. Most of our competitors, who buy locally, do not have the equipment needed to measure precious metals. Their price is calculated on the basis of a guessed estimate. With us, gold is better valued and is therefore purchased at a price corresponding to its precise content.

How metalvalor proceeds to determine the composition of the alloys at the customer’s site?
Our technicians travel to our partners (dentists and dental technicians) equipped with a portable spectrometer. This device allows us to calculate the precise content of gold and other precious metals within a few minutes. This measurement is free of charge and without obligation. The customer is not required to give us the material and he is of course free to decide whether or not to complete the sale with us. The prices offered for dental waste vary every day depending on the London fixed prices for precious metals. We can therefore offer our customers the guarantee of a transparent working method that allows them to sell their dental waste at the best price.

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